Governance at ABOUT YOU

ABOUT YOU supports the principles of good corporate governance for the purpose of responsible, transparent management and control of the company over the long-term.

This is a prerequisite for cultivating the trust of national and international investors and financial markets, business partners, employees, and the general public in ABOUT YOU. The company follows the recommendations and principles of the German Corporate Governance Code.

Management Board

Sebastian Betz
Tech & Product

Tarek Müller
Marketing & Brand

Hannes Wiese
Operations & Finance

Supervisory Board

Sebastian Klauke

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Member of the Otto Group Executive Board

Sebastian Klauke graduated as a physicist and joined the Boston Consulting Group in 2006. He worked as a consultant and project manager and later co-founded, the first German online shop for used cars. In the following years he worked as a partner with BCG Digital Ventures. In 2017, he was appointed Chief Digital Officer of the Otto Group and since 2019 he is a member of the Otto Group Executive Board.

Niels Jacobsen

Deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board
Independent Member

Niels Jacobsen holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. He has extensive leadership experience from major international companies and possesses in-depth knowledge of financial matters, accounting, risk management and M&A. He is currently CEO of William Demant Invest A/S, Denmark. Previous positions include President & CEO of Demant A/S (formerly William Demant Holding A/S), chairman of the board of LEGO A/S, deputy chairman of the board of A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S and member of the board of Novo Nordisk A/S.

Mr. Jacobsen was born in 1957 and is a Danish national.

Petra Scharner-Wolff

Member of the Supervisory Board
Member of the Otto Group Executive Board

Petra Scharner-Wolff completed her master’s degree in Business Management. In 1999, Ms. Scharner-Wolff moved to financial controlling at the Otto Group in Hamburg, where she became Vice-President of Group Controlling Affiliates in 2002 with responsibility for financial controlling of all Group companies globally. She was on the executive board of the Schwab Group in Hanau and later became Speaker of the Schwab Group executive board.

In 2012 Petra Scharner-Wolff moved back to Hamburg as a member of the OTTO Management Board where she was responsible for HR, Controlling and IT.

Since 2015 Ms.Scharner-Wolff has been a member of Otto’s Group executive board where she is responsible for Finance, Controlling and Human Resources.

Christina Johansson

Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairwoman of the Audit Committee
Independent Member

Christina Johansson holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics. She has more than 20 years of extensive senior management experience in corporate finance of listed companies. Ms. Johansson started her career at Securitas AG as financial controller and treasury manager before joining Amcor Ltd. where she held senior finance positions in the Amcor Group. Further important assignments were at SR-Technics as CFO and Deputy CEO and Bucher Industries as CFO. In 2018, Ms. Johansson joined Bilfinger SE as a member of the Executive Board and CFO. From early 2021, she also assumes the duties of the CEO on an interim basis.

Christina Johansson is also a member of the Board of Directors and Chairwoman of the Audit Committee of Emmi Group.


Christian Leybold

Member of the Supervisory Board
Independent Member

Christian Leybold is Managing Partner at Headline (fka and runs its European team. Christian has two decades of technology venture capital investing experience working out of the firm’s San Francisco and European offices. His investments include many tech-driven fashion and ecommerce companies, including leading the firm’s early stage investment in Farfetch (NYSE:FTCH) in 2011. Christian holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and previously spent time working in software development and management consulting based out of Bangalore, Berlin, and Paris.


André Schwämmlein

Member of the Supervisory Board
Independent Member

André Schwämmlein completed his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Already during his time at university, Mr. Schwämmlein founded a tech startup and after his studies he worked as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. In 2012, Mr. Schwämmlein and two co-founders founded FlixMobility, the globally leading platform for long-distance bus and train travel with the brands FlixBus and FlixTrain. He is still CEO of the company today and responsible for the strategy and the development of the global business.

Profile of skills and expertise for the Supervisory Board

Rules of procedure of the Supervisory Board

Declaration of Compliance

Articles of Association


Compliance Statement

Since the founding of ABOUT YOU we have always seen our purpose in empowering people to find & express themselves through fashion, taking a stand for diversity, tolerance and self-awareness. It’s ABOUT YOU`s ambition to innovate fashion with joy and ease and to offer a truly personalized, inspirational and friendly fashion experience. ABOUT YOU`s approach is based on three main objectives:
  • DISRUPTING THE FASHION INDUSTRY With the use of modern technologies and the digitalization of the traditional shopping stroll we create a personalized and inspirational shopping experience for desktop and mobile;
  • TAKING RESPONSIBILITY & PROMOTE CIRCULAR FASHION CULTURE We want to communicate conscious fashion choices and acknowledge our responsibility for our planet and society as a global fashion player by establishing new ways of creating and distributing fashion;
  • PLAYING IT GLOBAL We want to become the global number one in the online fashion industry to inspire worldwide.
Regarding these objectives, compliance is part of our expression of our attitude: behaving responsibly, treating one another with respect, and operating fairly and sustainably. Compliance is based primarily on our values and our relationships with one another and to externals. We are continually working to incorporate this attitude into our daily routines.
We have developed a Compliance Management System and it has been implemented across About You in a risk-based approach to prevent and respond appropriately to violations. The generally accepted framework IDW Assurance Standard (AsS) 980 was considered. Thus, the structure of the Compliance Management Concept is based on the seven elements of the IDW AsS 980 and is subject to a continuous enhancement cycle. 
Suspicions of irregular behaviour can be reported to our compliance team via our whistleblowing tool. This is also possible anonymously if desired.

Code of Conduct

Business Code of Conduct

ABOUT YOU is committed to a responsible corporate governance. We want our customers to know that all of our products have been produced ethically and under fair working conditions. For us, ethical business is based on a value chain where labour is safe, empowered and financially secure, and environmental standards are met. Our Business Code of Conduct sets out the minimum requirements we place on our Business Partners who produce and/or supply goods or services on our behalf. These include suppliers, service providers,  as well as all other Business Partners we conduct business with.

Code of Ethics

We strongly believe that a key factor for archiving our goals is collaboration. We are convinced that synergetic effects of combining forces are very efficient and lifting in the creative process. Our Business Code of Ethics describes the way we want to work in our daily business as a company. Every employee of ABOUT YOU is addressee of this principles and ABOUT YOU lives up to the ethical standards we have set for ourselves.


Our responsibility report helps to understand why Planet, People & Society are at the core of what moves ABOUT YOU. It provides insights on our specific efforts, why ABOUT YOU was founded, and the vision, mission, and values that keep us going.